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[pSSST. I did not know if anyone noticed but just a shout out to all my rp partners that this blog is on an indefinite hiatus. I seriously don’t know when I can get this blog active again. So…SORRY. To pen it down precisely. It’ll get back when pug-mun here gets a new laptop. which might be never SO sorry to all the wonderful blogs I started an rp with! It’s all my fault OTL And I’m seriously behind on KagePro updates thanks to life so…I’m not confident enough to re-enter anyway.

I miss you all so much, be back when the time comes!]

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Guide into Kagerou Project for a friend (btw some vocaloid rad songs here)


Well here it is (in english btw) so an easy step to steal your soul from introduce you in this thing 

OK starting with the real thing the ”Kagepro” (thats the tag I thing) thing started with a saga of vocaloid songs  written by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P) 

If im not wrong the songs where so popular that it was decided to do more and that lead to the whole saga . manga , and anime (not yet but soon) 

Most of the people where dragged in by the song ”Kagerou Days” or ”Heat haze Days”  with Hatsune Miku signing it 


If I continue This will be a large post so in adition to the video over there just gonn

the link to the manga 

(x)  (Manga Fox btw)

And a little information bout the  song and Characters with the introductions that Jin gave on each song (I think) (I will try to obiate the spoilers but all the names would be there  either way and  not all the videos would have the acurate translations )

  1. Jinzou Enemy (Artificial enemy) [Miku]-> Ene  (x) ”The Story of Turning away Your eyes”
  2. Mekakushi Code (Blindfold Code) [Miku] -> Kido Tsubomi (x) ”The Story about hiding your eyes”
  3. Kagerou Days (Heat-Haze Days)  [Miku]- > Hibiya Amamiya - Hiyori Asahina (x) ”The story that will overwhelm your eyes”
  4. Headphone Actor [IA] -> Takane Enemoto (x) ”The story about doubting your eyes” 
  5. Souzou Forest / Kuusou Forest (Imagination forest / Fantasy forest) [IA]  -> Mary Kozakura (x)  ”The story about seeing eye-to-eye”
  6. Konoha no Sekai Jijou (Konoha’s state of the world) [Miku ft IA]-> Konoha (x) ”The story about a person who is opening his eyes”
  7. Kisaragi Attention [IA] -> Momo Kisaragi (x) ”The story where all eyes are on you”
  8. Children Record [IA] ->  all ”Opening Song” (x) ”The story of children’s faces” or ”The story of seeing things with your eyes”
  9. Yobanashi Deceive (Night talk deceive) [IA] -> Kano Shuuya (x) ”The story of Deceiving one’s eyes”
  10. Lost Time Memory [IA] -> Shintaro Kisaragi - Ayano Tateyama (x)   ” A story of Repeating Regret” 
  11. Ayano no Koufuku Riron (Ayano’s Theory of happiness) [IA] -> Ayano Tateyama (x) ”The story about memories left in the heart”

Albums exclusive songs (Most without Pv)

  • Toumei Answer (Transparent Answer) [IA] -> Shintaro Kisaragi - Ayano Tateyama (x) ”The story where one averts one’s eyes”
  • Ene no dennou Kikou (Ene’s Cyber Journey) [IA]-> Ene (x)The story about awakening your eyes”
  • Shinigami Record (Death God Record) [IA] -> Azami (x)The story of showing kindness ” or ”The story of staring with one’s eyes”
  • Gunjo Rain (Ultramarine Rain) [IA] -> Shion Kozakura -Mary Kozakura (x) ”The story of going into one’s eyes without any pain”
  • Dead and Seek [IA] -> Kenjirou Tateyama (x) The story where one’s eyes become clear”

So a link to the wikia and have fun with this jaja….;-; 


btw sorry for the really long post

PD: there are still songs unreleased so…

[Oh, wow this is useful, and I only noticed now but Azami’s song is a “story of showing kindness ” ?? Cool!]

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Seto Kousuke


Anime/Manga : Kagerou Project

Icons: 118

None of the art is mine, all icons are free to use. 

You don’t have to credit me when using them.

Just like or reblog the post if you’re going to use them.


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Artist: 時雨キヲ